O L E - A U B U T




Linda Ole-Aubut, an Estonian Canadian, was born in Montreal. She is a fourth-generation artist and grew up surrounded by the beauty of the arts. Permeated by a vast heritage in which drawing, painting, sculpture, music and poetry mingled together, she inevitably and eagerly nourished her own creativity.

Self-taught, Linda digs ever deeper for a way to express her innermost hope. Each painting is the result of an intellectual, spiritual and emotional quest.  Thoughtfully yet spontaneously, the budding sentiment within her pours forth onto the canvas, and the result is palpable expressionism. Her work is easily recognized by backgrounds dappled with irregular spatula strokes, upon which she sculpts themes of interest. Linda’s paintings are highly textured and their character both peaceful and vibrant. Her work is present in Quebec art galleries and in municipal and private collections across Canada, the USA and in Europe.


Culture Mauricie     (Visual Arts Member)
A.A.P.C.M.              (Association of painters Mauricie-Centre)

A.A.P.A.R.S.           (Association of affiliated artists on the South Shore)
A.V.R.                    (Association of Visual Arts in the Roussillon region)
B.A.A.                    (Baltic Artists' Association - Montreal)



City of Bromont, Quebec : 
    Festival d’été  (Summer Festival) © 2012 - Mixed Media,  24" x 36",
    was purchased for the city's art collection



2014 - Pion Art Gallery, Mont-Tremblant Ski Village, Québec

                            Permanent exhibition, on site.


2013 - Viva Vida Art Gallery, Pointe-Claire, Quebec. 

                           "Transitions" BAA group exhibit. October 18-24.


2013 - Berick Art Gallery, Bromont, Québec. 

                           Permanent Exposition starting February, 2013.


2013 - MP Tresart Gallery, South Durham, Quebec. 

                           Participation in the International Exhibition 

                           "The Color of Words"

                           December 1, 2012 to January 31, 2013.

2012 - Pierre Boucher Museum, City of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.
                          "Behind the Mirror" Group exhibition with Jean Beaulieu.
                           September 16 to October 14.

2011-2012 - AAPCM Art gallery and workshop, Shawinigan, Quebec.

                           Permanent exhibition, fall 2011 to fall 2012.


Golden Ribbon  

The Heritage Project Art Competition, 2014. 

Held at the Coopérative funéraire du Grand Montréal, Longueuil. 

Winner of the FIRST PRIZE and a $500 cash award.


                               De génération en génération 


Special Merit Category  

International Competition -Botanicals 2014 (697 artist entries)

For the painting Perfume of Great Value 

Light Space & Time Art Gallery, Jupiter, Florida   

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery          Perfume of Great Value    

2014 - L’Agenda d’Art 

      My painting « Festival d’été » was published in the agenda by 
      Éditions Plumes et Pinceaux.

2013 - Magazin’Art, Automne  

      My painting « Festival d'été » was chosen by the Berick Art Gallery 
      to be published as part of their advertising page, in the Autumn volume 
      of this magazine. 

2013 - L'art entre au bureau 

      A project of Culture Mauricie and the Chamber of Commerce of 

      I was one of 44 artists chosen by jury to be represented by the catalog.

2013 - Magazin’Art, Printemps  

      My painting « Pennies in Heaven » was chosen by the Berick Art Gallery 
      to be published as part of their advertising page, in the Spring volume 

      of this magazine. 

2013 - Voldemar Päts – Tagasi Koju by Anne Velliste 
      ISBN: 9789949925520  
      My painting «Temps d’une pause» (Puhkeaeg, in Estonian) has been 

      published in this historic biography honoring my great-grandfather. 

2011 - Le Trifluvien - Municipal Information Bulletin 

      April 2011 / Volume 22 Number 4, page 16. 

      My painting "Purity" was chosen to be part of advertising made for 

      the "Week of Cultural Discoveries", organized by the City of Trois-Rivieres,


Social involvement
2013 - Art Workshop 

      Given to sixth graders at 'École primaire d'éducation internationale 

      Trois-Rivières, Quebec.

2013 - Relay for Life (Canadian Cancer Society)
      Participation in a collective canvas done by visual artists, as a fundraiser 

      April 28, 2013 in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec
2012 - Relay for Life (Canadian Cancer Society)
      Participation in a collective canvas done by visual artists, as a fundraiser 

      April 22, 2013 in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec

    -Photos of My Paintings: